Short Term Lending
A Borrower's Guide For Short Term Loans.
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Personal Loans

Unsecured personal loans do not require any form of down payment or collateral. These loans provide fixed interest rates, so payments remain consistent throughout the term of the loan. You will save money because interest rates are lower than that of a typical retail credit card. With fixed loan terms, there is an end date for debt payoff. You aren't stuck in a revolving credit cycle. There are no prepayment penalties and you are free to pay off your loan early to further increase your savings.

Personal Loan

For people with bad credit, personal loans offer an opportunity to build positive credit history and improve their FICO credit score. By consolidating multiple debt sources into a single personal loan, your prior debt will be flagged on your credit reports as paid off. Your new loan payment will likely be less than the sum of your prior payments which makes it easier to avoid loan default. By making on-time payments your credit score will improve in as little as three months. Can you get a personal loan with bad credit? Loan eligibility varies lender by lender, but you may qualify for a small personal loan if you have a stable source of income.

What can I pay for with a personal loan? Use your personal loan to take control of your finances. You can consolidate debt from multiple loans or high interest rate credit cards. Use the loan to finance a home improvement project or pay for virtually any expense, large or small. You can even use personal loans to fund small business expenses. With a personal loan you are free to conquer any financial goal.